Ready? Fight!

Become a fighting game expert with the DAIJA Arcade Stick for PS4™, developed in collaboration with the pro gamer Kayane. Boasting industry-leading SANWA components, it is also PC compatible.

Tech Specs

  • Optimised for the needs of professional players, the DAIJA Arcade Stick boasts an innovative design and features, combining gaming comfort and flawless precision.
  • To maintain a wide, uncluttered playing surface and easy access to the main controls, all the PlayStation® navigation buttons are located on the side control panel. It includes a touch pad, platform selection buttons (PS4™/PS3™) and stick configuration (left/right or directional buttons). The DAIJA’s textured palm rest and foam-lined underside provide excellent stability and superior gaming comfort.
  • NACON has used SANWA components, favoured by many professional players for their high quality and customisation options. Two stick shapes (ball top and bat top), two faceplates and a screwdriver are all included for even more personalisation options.
  • Finally, you can create your own artwork to use as a faceplate by using the downloadable template on our website.