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    My REVOLUTION Pro Controller 2 is not recognised by my PS4® console.
    - Ensure that the cable is well fixed to your controller and connected to your PS4® console. To use the controller you need to press the PS button to synchronize it.

    The shortcuts on the back are not working.
    - Check with the PC Companion App that the shortcuts are not deactivated or that a button is assigned to these shortcuts thanks to the PC/MAC Companion App for the Modes 2 and PC.
    - On the mode 1, you can map the shortcut without the PC/MAC Companion, check our video on the following link for the explanation:

    It’s not possible to wake up the PS4® console, with my REVOLUTION Pro Controller, by pressing the PS button.
    - The communication, to open the PS4® console, is for Bluetooth controllers only. The PlayStation4 system does not support this feature when a wired controller is used.

    After a firmware update I have no response from my REVOLUTION Pro Controller 2 when I connect to my PC. The lights are OFF.
    - Unplug the controller and plug it again, the REVOLUTION Pro Controller 2 will be recognized again, if not, please contact the consumer support.

    Some graphic elements, of the PC Companion App, are deformed on my PC screen.
    - Check that your graphic preferences are not modified: to zoom in for example. Check the settings of « settings panel/display » and ensure that the element size is at 100%.

    I cannot modify the settings inside the PC/MAC Companion App.
    - Check that you are not trying to modify the settings on a Nacon profile. The Nacon profiles cannot be modified, you need to create a new one to choose your own settings.

    My REVOLUTION Pro Controller 2 is not recognized by the PC/MAC Companion App.
    - Ensure that the cable is well fixed to your controller and connected to your PC/MAC.
    - To configure the profiles for PC or PS4® the controller must be in Mode 2 to make sure that the interface recognises the controller when you connect to the PC. Inside the interface, there is a section for `PC’ and here you can make your changes. When you have completed the changes you must remember to switch the controller in to PC Mode, IF, you want to play on your PC.

    My REVOLUTION Pro Controller 2 is not recognized by games on PC.
    - Ensure that your controller is in the PC mode. It is important to check that the mode switch, (on the underside of the controller), is in the 3rd position, (PC), and that the halo, around the Right joystick, is illuminated in Purple.
    - The REVOLUTION Pro Controller 2 is compatible with all PC games that are X-Input compatible. This is the standard protocol for using a controller. Where games have been written, to use a Mouse & Keyboard, the RPC2 will not be compatible.

    My REVOLUTION Pro Controller 2 is not working with the PS4®: Remote Play for PC and Mac Software.
    - The remote play software is dedicated for use with a DS4 controller and is not supported by other controllers. This is the reason why the RPC2 is not recognized.

    Can the REVOLUTION Pro Controller 2 supported the macro function?
    - The Macros are not supported in E-Sports, as the REVOLUTION Pro Controller 2 follow the rules of E-Sports, this feature was removed.



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